• Why the name "Mr. Benny's Pot Shop"?

    Welcome to what has been months and months in the making! However, the concept for Mr. Benny's Pot Shop goes back even farther than that by several years so as the owner it's exciting to see it live! In preparation of the store I have had many conversations with friends, loved ones, students, and collectors and one consistent question has been, "Why the name Mr. Benny's Pot Shop?"

    For quite sometime I have wanted to own a shop and sell my work, the work of others who share similar aesthetics, and to create a destination where pottery enthusiasts, collectors, and those curious about pottery can find one-of-a-kind handmade gifts as well as high-end pieces that anyone can love. We are not a gallery, we are a Pot Shop! The concept is like adding "Mister" to the beginning of someone's nickname. It's formal and informal. Get it? In the Pot Shop each and every piece ranging from prints, textiles, paintings, and jewelry will be influenced by pottery, but our artists will also exhibit their own unique styles too, of course. 

    At Mr. Benny's we also believe in being a great neighbor. We have a section of our shop called Craft For A Cause. The portions of sales from Craft For A Cause will go to benefiting non-profit organizations in creating a healthier community locally and nationally.

    The Pot Shop is also about education. I teach workshops across the country and now look forward to teaching in my studio here in Louisville, Kentucky beginning in 2018. The workshops section will allow any creative type, beginning potter to seasoned artist access to all my course offerings for the year. The instructionals page will include access to ISLA transfers, how-to video tutorials, books and DVDs. 

    Who is Mr. Benny? He is my late grandfather, Bige, whom I am named after. He went by "Ben" but the neighborhood kids called him "Mr. Benny". Mr. Benny's Pot Shop is my way to connect to him, but also to connect with others locally and nationally. Also, just in case you were wondering, the correct pronunciation is "bīˈje".

    Enjoy the new shop!
    Jason Bige Burnett 

    Image Above (from left to right): Bige "Mr. Benny" Burnett, Jason Bige Burnett, and family.