Instructions for Care + Refunds and Return Policy


Hey, SH*T happens. When it happens to one of our boxes and destroys your order, let us know immediately so we can contact the shipping company. Please keep all the packing materials, and send an image of the damaged product ASAP to so that Mr. Benny’s can submit a claim. We pack our pots and products with great care so that you can enjoy them upon arrival.


We understand that there isn’t always
time to hand wash every single dish. That’s why the pots we sell are dishwasher safe. Our pots have held up for years against scrubby pads and dish detergents. They can go into the microwave, too. That’s right! Those little droplets of delicious golden luster found on Jason Burnett pottery won’t provide any sparks or fireworks when warming up your morning coffee or reheating Mom’s meatloaf from Monday night.
As with most things a little care goes a long way. Pre-warm any Pot Shop vessel that may get boiling water, and use caution when introducing any pot to a dramatic change in temperature (such as freezing to boiling hot conditions).
If the luster wears off over time, have the piece sent to us with return shipping included, and in most cases, the luster can be reapplied for $5.


We’re happy when you’re happy. If you are not pleased with your purchase and would like a refund or exchange please email us at within one week of receipt of the order. You will be responsible for the safe return and shipping costs of returned/exchanged orders.